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Handbook of Applied Cryptography (A.J. Menezes, P.C. van Oorschot, S.A. Vanstone)
Lecture Notes on Cryptography (S. Goldwasser and M. Bellare)
Introduction to Modern Cryptography (M. Bellare and P. Rogaway)
Cryptography A-Z  
Basic Cryptanalysis Modern Cryptography (P. Rogaway)
Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Lecture Notes (A. Lysyanskaya)
Foundations of Cryptography (O. Goldreich) Cryptography's Role in Securing the Information Society
Public-Key Cryptography: Theory and Practice (von Dipl.-Inform Bodo Möller)
An Introduction to Cryptography [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror](PDF)
Public Key Cryptanalysis Using Algebraic and Lattice Methods (G. Durfee)